Did health-types get it wrong or a Canberra court: Ricardo’s Café cleared of Salmonella charges

The owner of a popular Canberra cafe has had charges against him dropped, relating to a salmonella outbreak that saw more than 100 people fall ill in 2017, and has also escaped conviction on an unrelated charge. The owner of … Continue reading

Never there: No comment as Salmonella outbreaks close two Canberra cafes and no word in Brisbane

There’s an outbreak of Salmonella in Canberra (that’s Australia’s capital, on a swamp, like Washington, DC), and there’s an outbreak in Brisbane. They are not related, other than no one will say something in public. The whole idea of risk … Continue reading

Egg denial? 140 sick from Salmonella at Mother’s Day brunch in Canberra; scrutiny for egg supplier

A Victorian egg supplier is, according to The Age, under investigation and one person has ongoing health issues following Canberra’s largest salmonella outbreak, which has left health professionals ”struck by the severity” of the symptoms and high infection rate. The outbreak, … Continue reading

‘Problem fingered’ but will anything change? Raw egg in mayonnaise source of Salmonella that sickened over 140 in Canberra

Australia still has an egg problem; and it seems no matter how many outbreaks there are, how many people get sick, and how much business is lost, the cooks I talk with are fiercely committed to continue the use of … Continue reading

Mother’s Day from hell: 140 Salmonella cases now linked to Canberra restaurant

The Honeybees family had dinner at the The Copa Brazilian Churrasco in Canberra for Mother’s Day last week and they ended up in hospital with salmonella poisoning. “My brother started feeling ill at 6:30am and it escalated quite quickly from … Continue reading

Over 100 Salmonella cases now linked to restaurant; 60 additional illnesses from unrelated outbreak at separate Canberra restaurant

ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Paul Kelly today said that ACT Health is currently investigating an outbreak of Salmonella gastroenteritis linked to a local restaurant. Over 100 suspected cases of gastrointestinal illness have been reported among persons who ate at the … Continue reading

80 now sick from Salmonella, 13 in hospital, linked to Canberra restaurant; unrelated outbreak uncovered at second rest.

The number of confirmed Salmonella cases has skyrocketed to 80, and is believed to be the largest outbreak of its kind ever seen in the Australian Capital Territory. Thirteen people remain in hospital on Wednesday, with the number rising significantly … Continue reading