Mum forced to pay to clean up son’s vomit in Australian restaurant

The six of us were returning from IAFP in San Diego in 2002.

It wasn’t a fun trip, and after returning I proclaimed, that’s it, we’re getting a divorce.

ARTICLEGLASSHOUSEBISTROBut before such bravado, we were waiting in line at the San Diego airport, and one of the kids hurled.


It was a mess, and we helped clean up.

We all have those stories — maybe not the divorce part — but Imagine if that happened in a restaurant?

It did to an Australian family at The Glasshouse Bistro on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Mom Rebecca Harnett (right), from Toowoomba, posted a review on Facebook, outlining the “unpleasant experience”.

Ms Harnett wrote that her son became ill and vomited on the floor while they were waiting for their food.

She said she didn’t expect staff to clean it up, but she was left shocked when she had to pay extra to do it herself.

articleglasshousebistro2She wrote: “One of the waitresses gave me paper towel and a wet towel. I cleaned it up and she came back with plastic bags for me to dispose of. All fine with that.

“The lady in charge comes over after we’d finished eaten and said, I heard you had a little accident. The standard charge in any restaurant is $30 if you want us to finish cleaning up.”

Ms Harnett said she mopped the floor herself and claims when she went to pay her bill was increased by $10 as someone had to disinfect the mop.

“I was taken aback,” she told The Chronicle.

“They could have shown a bit of compassion.”

According to the publication a spokesman from the eatery said: “The incident caused us a loss of income because that section for the restaurant wasn’t able to be used for a period of time.”

The restaurant reportedly acknowledges the situation would have been embarrassing for the family, and that it was an unfortunate situation for both parties.

“We thought at the time that our nominal charge of $10 was fair considering we had to allocate a staff member to clean up the mess to our satisfaction after they left – to make sure the area was properly sterilised.”

The spokesperson reportedly said the cost to the restaurant was more than $10 and the staff member who sterilised the area after the family left felt unwell and had to sit outside.

“If we were given that set of circumstances again, we probably wouldn’t charge $10 but just accept it as our lot,” the spokesperson reportedly said.

In response to the news, the Sunshine Coast Daily asked other restaurants of their policy and found many were surprised by the bistro’s decision to charge a customer extra for cleaning after her child vomited on the premises.

Dion Spadaro, general manager of The Boat Shed at Cotton Tree, was shocked to hear that a Montville bistro had charged a customer for the loss of space and staff time while the mess was cleaned up.

“It’s not something that we would do. It’s not like we don’t have buckets and cleaning equipment,” Mr Spadaro said.

mr.creosote.monty.python.vomit“We look after our customers whatever their needs are.

“If customers make a mess in the toilet, we clean that up. If someone makes a mess elsewhere, we clean that up, that’s what we do.”

Gavin Murray, of Murray’s Cafe, at Cotton Tree, said there was “no way in the world” he would charge a fee for cleaning up after a child had vomited at his business.

“On the weekend, we had a mum whose little girl was sick at the table. She made it to the toilets but must have made a bit of a mess. The mum was very apologetic and we said it’s not a problem,” Mr Murray said

“We ran out, grabbed the mop and bucket and between us, got it done and got back to work.

“We’ve all been there, we’ve all got kids.

“There’s no way we would charge someone for their child being sick. It’s something that no-one can predict. You just deal with it.”

Michael Mulhearne, the owner of Tides Waterfront Dining at Caloundra, said the restaurant business was about customer service and he would not charge a fee to clean up after a customer.

“I understand it but I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

“They are going to lose that customer for life, they have lost a heap of other customers. They are not going to get anything good out of it except for their name in the paper.”

Another restaurant figure, who declined to be named, was also surprised at the fee.

“We would never do that in our restaurant. If the mum helped clean up, even better, but we would never charge them,” she said.

Five people shared their thoughts with the Sunshine Coast Daily on cleaning up after unfortunate incidents involving bodily fluids:

  1. Andrew Hebron said his work in public transport exposed him to some unforgettable things.

“Let me tell you about cleaning up other peoples’ mess,” he said.

“Name an orifice and I’ll paint you a picture.”

Mr Hebron said making a mess was an unfortunate consequence of life.

“We eat, we poo and sometimes things don’t go to plan in between … and out it all comes to much fanfare (in my case) and colour,” he said.

“I have had people offer to clean up their mess and very reluctantly decline, because I’m the one in charge.

“I’m the one with the keys. I’m the one who will get it done in short order and put out the yellow cone.”

  1. Miranda King: “I work in a chemist and every time a child vomits or wees, which is disgusting, we are the ones who clean it. While dry retching.”
  2. Bev Wilson: “I work at a school as a cleaner and we always have to clean up vomit.”
  3. Alicia Williams: “I clean up my kids vomit at the shops.”
  4. Jenna Lubbock: “I work at Woolworths and I clean it up as well as feces and wee.”

Thank you sir, may I have another: 3 UK Royal Marines detained over paddling pool full of barf and piss

And the Brits think we’re the heathens, out in the colonies.

blutoThree Royal Marines have been sentenced to military detention for their part in an initiation ceremony which involved subjecting a colleague to “40 minutes of depravity and naked humiliation”.

Carlo Nicholson, who was made to drink from a paddling pool full of urine and vomit, said he was left feeling suicidal following the “joining run” event – watched by 80 drunken men – and carried out by 45 Commando, based at Royal Marine Condor in Arbroath in May 2014.

Marine Ian Tennet, 22, Lance Corporal Scott Simm, 26, and James Taylor, 27, who is now a lance corporal in the Royal Marines Reserves, were all sentenced for a charge of ill-treatment of a subordinate.

Tennet was sentenced to 11 months and two weeks’ detention, while Simm and Taylor were both sentenced to eight months.

A fourth defendant, former Marine Ryan Logan, 25, was sentenced to 220 hours of unpaid community work for battery and disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind.

Sentencing the defendants at Portsmouth Naval Base’s court martial centre, Judge Advocate Robert Hill said the event had been “40 minutes of depravity and naked humiliation”.

kevinbacon_animalhouse-620x436He said: “The suggestion has been made it was nothing more than a rite of passage, and its purpose was not to humiliate, harm or distress but to harness bonding, and is something all Royal Marines Commandos have gone through – but it’s no more than conduct that brings disgrace on the Commandos involved.”

He said the defendants had been described during the court hearing as “scapegoats” and added: “It is not the purpose of this court to set itself up as a board of inquiry. It has been noted with considerable concern that more senior non-commissioned officers haven’t found their way to the court martial system. Had they done so the likely position they would face is a starting point of a term of imprisonment.”

Military training: During the initiation event, described in court as a “rite of passage”, Mr Nicholson, along with other newcomers to the unit, was forced to run naked around the camp with bottles and milk and lemonade taped to his arms.

He was made to lie down in the paddling pool containing urine and vomit while eggs were thrown at him, as well as to fight other marines while naked and covered in cooking oil.

He was also made to eat dessert spoons of chill, cinnamon and curry powder, eat dog food out of a mess tin while on all fours, eat lard and swallow liquid through a funnel as well as made to consume the contents of a mess tin filled from the paddling pool which also contained a rollmop herring, lard and cider.

Paperwork is never enough: Cats may vomit from Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has recalled cat food pouches after they were found to contain vomit inducing levels of iron.

cat.vomit.may.16The major pet nutrition firm said certain packs of its chicken and fish cat food pouches in the UK contain a large amount of iron, which can cause digestive upset, including vomited and diarrhea.

The feline food was pumped full of iron in error by an ingredient supplier.

The Food Standards Agency are urging pet owners not to feed their cats the foodstuff but instead return it to their nearest store for a full refund.

Owners who have already fed it to their cat should consult a vet, they said.

In a statement, Hill’s nutrition said: “Hill’s Pet Nutrition is voluntarily recalling specific manufacturing batches of the single-serving cat food pouches. Due to an error by an ingredient supplier, the products contain high levels of iron. … At Hill’s we take great pride in the quality and safety of our pet food products.”

Except when it comes to checking ingredients from suppliers.

Female fighter vomits after win; surprises announcer with kiss

Invicta women’s bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger was looking to win mixed martial arts “MMA moment of the year” after defending her title with a unanimous decision win against Colleen Schneider.

After her trademark post-fight puke in a bucketbarf.kiss, the openly gay Evinger grabbed announcer Laura Sanko by the face and smacked one on her lips.

Sanko laughed off the incident and took to Twitter afterwards in an attempt to prevent any negative discussion of the moment. “It’s all good,” she wrote. “Tonya Evinger is a heck of a prankster but we are friends.”

She also replied to several tweets about the incident to explain why no one should take offence to Evinger’s boldness. “Intention is 100% of the equation,” Sanko wrote. “If a male I knew was trying to be funny and did that I would still laugh it off.”

Evinger also defended her behaviour.

But there were still many who saw the situation as a double standard.

Others were just grossed out by the puke factor.

$10 extra per spew: Morning After Maids offer post-party clean-up

When Auckland health and safety consultant Catherine Ashurst was a child, she used to clean all the cutlery before using them when she stayed in hotels or motels.

barf.clean.upThat obsession with cleaning never went away, so it’s fitting that the self-professed “clean freak” has now co-founded a specialist service to help people clean up after parties.

Called Morning After Maids, the company not only provides cleaning services but Ashurst and co-founder Rebecca Foley can also bring food and puppy cuddles from Ashurst’s maltese Sydney silky and Foley’s pomeranian papillon.

The idea was initially came about when Foley was in bed with a hangover and said: “Imagine if we had someone to do [the cleaning] or if you went and did it for people”.

Ashurst says they have considered the possibility of having to clean up all sorts of unsightly messes so they have also introduced an additional charge for vomit per area.

“If people don’t want to be sending $10 a spew then they have to watch what they drink.”

Yes, even people on Disney cruises sometimes barf

CBS News reports the CDC is investigating an outbreak of a stomach bug aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship last week.

cruise.barfThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 92 passengers and 5 crew members reported falling ill.

The ship had almost 2,700 passengers and almost 1,000 crew members. It left Miami last Wednesday and returned Sunday after going to the Bahamas.

A spokeswoman says Disney Cruise Line implemented added sanitation measures such as continuous cleaning of handrails. Self-service stations at buffets and ice cream stations also were discontinued to limit passenger contact with food.

“Our primary focus was on taking care of our guests and crew. We have a comprehensive plan that outlines protocols for managing this kind of situation and closely follow CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of common stomach-related illnesses,” a Disney spokesperson said to CBS affiliate WKMG.

The last time a Disney ship had a significant illness outbreak was in 2002.

Air New Zealand plane on lockdown after passengers fall ill

Doctors in masks and white gowns boarded an Air New Zealand plane grounded in Auckland after passengers and crew on board fell ill, a woman who was on the flight says.

airplane.vomitFive passengers and one crew member became ill on board flight NZ281 from Singapore, which landed at Auckland International Airport on Friday night.

A spokeswoman for Air New Zealand said one of the people on board was taken to Middlemore Hospital, as a precautionary measure.

The plane landed at 10.35pm and passengers were not allowed to disembark until 11.50pm.

Passenger Aivy Kurian was travelling with her two young children, Emma, 4, and Noeline, 1.

She said while passengers were waiting to board the plane in Singapore, she saw a teenage boy vomiting, and he later boarded the plane.

During the flight, she could hear someone being ill but could see who it was.

About half an hour after the plane landed in Auckland, a group of doctors with “masks and white gowns” boarded the plane.

Kurian said she saw the same teenage boy being assessed by doctors.

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said the airline was in direct contact with the regional health authority, which confirmed there was insufficient information to know what may have caused the passengers and crew member to become ill.

‘Vomit-like’ Australian $5 note unveiled

It may be the smallest-denominated Australian dollar banknote, but a new design for the Aus$5 bill attracted an outsized amount of criticism when it was unveiled Tuesday, with detractors calling it “hideous” and “like vomit.”

n-NOTE-large570The note, which will replace its more bland predecessor from September 1, features a yellow Prickly Moses wattle flower and a colourful Eastern Spinebill native bird. 

“Each banknote in the new series will depict a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird within a number of the elements,” Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens said in a statement. 

“The designs are the culmination of a process of extensive consultation with subject-matter experts and the cash-handling industry, as well as qualitative research involving focus groups.” 

But critics — from social media users to bird-lovers — were quick to express their disdain. 

“Our new fivers look like vomit,” one user wrote on Twitter, while another quipped: “A thousand monkeys with a thousand versions of Photoshop could never come up with something as hideous as the new Australian $5 note.” 

‘Something on the bus’ Gastro outbreak at Australian school camp

Whyalla Town Primary School students have been affected by a gastro outbreak while at an Adelaide Hills School Camp yesterday evening.

vomit.2Between 15-20 students were affected, with two girls and one boy taken to the Women’s and Children’s hospital by emergency services.

Close to 60 Year 6 and 7 students from Whyalla Town Primary were attending the four-day camp.

Albury Park principal David Doherty said two of the children were hospitalised because they were not able to keep down anti-vomiting medication and needed fluids, while the other was an asthmatic. 

“I would have to praise the work done by the teachers, under pressure they did a tremendous job at managing the incident,” Mr Doherty said.

Mr Doherty said a bus driver on the camp had also become ill, which could be linked to a possible cause.

“I would be hesistant to say, but it’s possible there was something on that bus which could have contributed,” he said.

Floating barf-o-rama: Golden Princess docks in Melbourne following gastro outbreak

Hundreds of travelers struck down by gastro on a south pacific cruise have docked in Melbourne.

vomit cruisePassengers on the Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess were grateful to hit dry land today, after the 14-day cruise of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

The outbreak comes a month after 158 Sydney-bound passengers became sick on sister ship ­Diamond Princess.

Kerry McNamara from Barwon Heads said she managed to escape a bout of gastro — with sick passengers quarantine in their rooms — but was hit with the flu.

She estimated that the number of people ill could have hit 300.

 “At one stage one of my roommates vomited on her bed and it took three hours to get the sheets changed.”

An elderly man also died of natural causes while on the cruise.

Mrs McNamara said passengers became concerned when “stretcher calls” were made across the 14 days.

Princess Cruises spokesman David Jones refused to release how many passengers had become sick.