Blame ‘bad souvlaki’ GPA data to catch Sydney taxi drivers using laneway as a toilet

Who says the space program hasn’t led to great inventions: Tang, Teflon, and GPS to track down taxi drivers in a public poo pandemic that’s leaving a group of business owners flushed with anger.

Shop owners on Hercules St, Ashfield in Sydney’s inner-west say discovering human feces in the laneway behind their businesses has become “a daily occurrence” along with the nauseating task of cleaning-up the offerings.

The situation has become so bad real estate agent Tim Simpson is considering relocating the business he’s run in the suburb for 40 years.

He said the final straw was catching a taxi driver “in the act” last weekend.

“I understand drivers are expected to work 24/7 but surely there’s better options than this,” he said.

“We’re the ones who are having to clean it up. It’s like living in the Third World.”

National taxi firm 13 CABS is investigating the claims by matching complaints against data from GPS devices fitted in taxis.

Head of client services Simon Purssey said he was “shocked and horrified” to hear the reports.

“I understand ‘when a man’s gotta go, a man’s gotta go’ but if you’ve eaten a bad souvlaki and all of a sudden have to pull over you don’t do it in someone’s property,” he said.

And I thought Australia had great access to public shit depositories, compared to the rest of the world.


Crypto hits NSW pools

As we chill (sweat) in the sleepy haven of South Golden Beach in New South Wales for a brief Christmas break, health authorities report Cryptosporidium has sickened at least 200 people in December and are warning people with diarrhea to stay out of shared pools.

sorenne-south-golden-beach-16The Sydney Morning Herald reports almost half of the cases were in children under 10-years-old. 

Health authorities have issued the warning urging people to stay out of shared swimming pools and water parks.

The biggest outbreak of cryptosporidiois was recorded in Sydney in 1998, when there were more than 1,000 confirmed cases.

Sydney was forced to boil its drinking water because it was found to be infected with the pathogens cryptosporidium and giardia.

Sydney mother avoids jail over breastfeeding on ‘naturopath’s raw food diet’ that nearly killed baby

Lucy Carter of ABC News reports a 33-year-old woman, who cannot be identified, was last year trying to treat her six-month-old son’s severe eczema and sought the advice of a naturopath who allegedly first put her on the diet and later convinced her to consume only water.

7713006-3x2-340x227The woman’s son nearly died of starvation and dehydration as a result.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) lawyer, Alex Brown, told the Campbelltown Local Court that the woman “was a nurse who decided to blindly follow a naturopath she had only just met” and that her child came within days of death.

Magistrate Ian Guy said the mother would have been given jail time if she had not agreed to give evidence against the naturopath, Marilyn Bodnar, who is expected to face a committal hearing on Monday.

“On any view, [the offence is] extremely troubling and disconcerting considering how long the child had been vomiting,” he said.

Police claim the 59-year-old, from Leppington, gave advice to the mother, over the treatment of her son’s eczema in February 2015.

Officers allege the naturopath advised the mother to stop medicating her child.

In May 2015, the baby boy was admitted to hospital with severe malnourishment and developmental issues.

Bodnar has remained on bail since her arrest on the condition that she not provide naturopathy services to anyone under the age of 16.

Sydney restaurant curing meat outdoors on clothes hangers

A Chinese restaurant in Sydney has been filmed curing their meat on clothes hangers outdoors near garbage bins and a busy major road.

meat.cloths.lineHung Cheung Restaurant sits underneath Sydney Airport’s flight path at Marrickville, in the city’s Inner West.

The restaurant’s methods of curing pork belly came to A Current Affair’s attention after several nearby residents sent pictures to the show’s producers.

When A Current Affair travelled to the restaurant, the pork could be seen hanging on clothes hangers in the rear of the premises.

The restaurant’s manager attempted to deny that the meat belonged to them, instead claiming it was a tenant who lived above the restaurant curing their pork.

However, hearing what was happening, the restaurant’s upstairs tenant came outside and denied the meat was his.

“No man, it’s theirs,” the tenant said.

Tipped off by A Current Affair, food inspectors from the newly-formed Inner West Council arrived.

One minute later, the meat was removed from the clothes hangers.

Inner West Council had identified issues that were non-compliant with food safety standards. Air drying food outside was not one of the offences.

“Breaches of the Food Act were identified and enforcement action including issuing an on the spot fine and serving an improvement notice have been undertaken, on issues identified as non-compliant with food safety standards,” a spokesperson for Inner West Council told A Current Affair.

“These however were not related to the allegation of air drying food.”

Fancy food ain’t safe food, but neither are favorite cheap eateries

Some of Sydney’s most popular cheap eateries have, according to Daily Mail Australia, been named on the The New South Wales Food Authority’s latest ‘name and shame’ file.

nandos.sydneyIt seems cheap eats are so for a reason as many of the state’s fast food outlets, including a number of Nanods, Domino’s and Subway stores have been shamed for failing to meet hygiene standards. 

Nando’s in Liverpool was fined twice last year for failing to ‘maintain at or near each hand washing facility a supply of single use towels’, and not complying with food safety standards, a total of $1760.

Marrickville’s Minh Vietnamese Restaurant, Jasmin 1 in Bankstown and Petersham’s popular Frango’s Portuguese Charcoal Chicken also feature on the list, some of them on multiple occasions for varying offences. 

The New South Wales Food Authority publishes lists of businesses that have breached or are alleged to have breached the state’s food safety laws. 

Publishing the lists gives consumers more information to make decisions about where they eat or buy food. 

Famed chicken outlet Frango’s was fined $440 in March.

The Petersham favourite failed to ‘maintain at or near each hand washing facility a supply of soap and single use towels.’ 

151 sickened: Australian woman has emergency caesarean after eating at Sylvania bakery linked to food poisoning

A woman from Kiama Downs was forced to undergo an emergency caesarean after she says she became violently ill after eating a hot chicken roll from a Sydney bakery suspected of being at the centre of a food-poisoning outbreak. mother Ashley Buchanan remains in Wollongong Hospital after giving birth to her daughter, Ava, on Tuesday, five weeks before her due date.

Mrs Buchanan said she and her husband, Caine, had travelled to Sylvania, in Sydney’s south, for a birthing class at the weekend when they stopped at Box Village Bakery and Cafe for lunch about 1pm. Both she and her husband ate hot chicken rolls with gravy, she told the Illawarra Mercury from her hospital bed on Friday.

By 8pm, Mrs Buchanan was violently ill with intense cramping, vomiting and diarrhoea. Mr Buchanan drove her to Shellharbour Hospital about 1am on Monday. By then, he too was experiencing some of the same symptoms.

Mrs Buchanan was transferred to Wollongong Hospital, where doctors kept watch on her falling blood pressure and worsening loss of fluids. Doctors decided to operate when unborn Ava’s movements slowed. Buchanan told radio station 2UE earlier that she was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) after the surgery.

“It was all quite frightening, because my blood pressure went right down; they had to rush me to ICU straight after the delivery,” she said.

“My husband was actually in hospital at the time, but because he was sick he wasn’t allowed to come into the theatre with me to see the birth, so it was all very stressful and frightening.”

“It wasn’t until the next day they told me they were so lucky that they made that call, because once they started the caesarean they found I had internal bleeding so it could have ended up much worse if they waited,” Mrs Buchanan told the Mercury.

Baby Ava ultimately arrived at 35 weeks and six days, weighing a healthy 2.9 kilograms.

Doctors told the family a younger baby of a lesser weight might not have withstood the stresses of food poisoning.

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District said 151 people had now presented themselves at Sutherland and St George hospitals with food poisoning, and 27 had been admitted to those hospitals.

182 sick: Barf cruise ship docked in Sydney

The Explorer of the Seas arrived at around 6am on Wednesday with Royal Caribbean confirming 182 cases of a gastrointestinal illness among guests and crew of the 14-night trip.

mr.creosote.monty.python.vomit“Those affected by the short-lived illness have responded well to over-the-counter medication administered onboard the ship,” the statement issued on Wednesday said.

Paramedics were on stand-by as the 3,566 passengers and 1,139 crew members disembarked the Royal Caribbean Explorer, but no patients needed to be transported, am Ambulance NSW spokesman told AAP.

The ship and terminal will undergo enhanced cleaning and sanitisation to prevent any illness affecting future cruises as the ship prepares to depart for its next voyage on Wednesday evening.

With more than three per cent of the ship’s passengers struck down with the stomach bug, it is a legal obligation that health authorities be alerted.

The outbreak started on December 5 and peaked on December 11 and 12, but has since been decreasing, NSW health authorities told AAP.

Spam burger in Sydney

Amy was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota, next door to Austin, MN, the home of Spam.

spam.burgersProving that it really is 1978 in Australia, a popular Sydney bar is now serving a Spam burger.

Bloody Mary’s in Sydney’s Darlinghurst is known for its Instagram-worthy, American diner-style creations and of course, top-notch Bloody Marys made with homemade tomato juice.

The spam burger costs $16 and comes with grilled spam, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, mayonnaise and mustard.

“We put it on the menu two weeks ago and it’s going off, it’s crazy,” owner Cinta Rockey told

Australian students and staff struck down with salmonella poisoning after end of year event

Six members of the Double Bay Public School community were struck down with salmonella poisoning following a Year 6 farewell event.

school_logo_1318056958377_1318056958377_mSouth Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) public health unit director Mark Ferson confirmed the illnesses were linked.

An excerpt from the school’s Week 4 newsletter, written by principal Andrea Garling, said those who fell ill included students and staff.

Prof Ferson said the public health unit had been alerted to the December, 2014, incident following lab notifications of a particular strain of salmonella linked to the school event.

Due to privacy concerns he would not provide specific details of patient symptoms or treatment.

But they’re so cute: Bandicoots across northern Sydney infecting children with Salmonella

Germ-riddled bandicoots are terrorizing parents across northern Sydney by infecting their young children with dangerous Salmonella.

salm.bandicoot.aust.feb15NSW Health and a Sydney council have advised residents to modify their fences to stop bandicoots from burrowing into their properties.

The warning comes after 19 toddlers fell violently ill with gastroenteritis last year after ingesting Salmonella java found in bandicoot poop. The problem is so severe that Pittwater Council has had to close three parks and spend $285,000 ­replacing contaminated sand.

The northern beaches council ­recently sent out flyers to residents ­advising them how to bandicoot-proof their backyards with fine, ­galvanised fencing buried 15cm deep to keep the bug-carrying critters out and children safe.

Council general manager Mark Ferguson said that three playgrounds had been temporarily closed owing to the bandicoot bacteria.

“In each case NSW Health advised us to close the parks due to cases of gastroenteritis in young children caused by Salmonella java,” Mr Ferguson told The Daily Telegraph.