Fancy food ain’t safe food: Salvatore’s Ristorante

A Merseyside, UK, restaurant owner has been fined hundreds of pounds after dead flies were found in pans of bolognese left out overnight.

Health inspectors who visited Salvatore’s Ristorante on Lord Street, Southport, which is rated #24 of 266 restaurants in Southport also found bird faeces in the extractor fan and out-of-date lasagne.

They also discovered utensils and fridge door seals encrusted in food debris and a large dead insect in a trifle.

Owner Salvatore Trecarichi, 66, of was today fined £750 by magistrates after pleading guilty to a string of food hygiene breaches.

South Sefton magistrates court was told council officers had visited the restaurant in June 2016 and found numerous hygiene issues. There was also no type of disinfectant product anywhere on the premises.

Trecarichi was given a 0 star hygiene rating and told to make improvements, but when inspectors returned a week later the bare minimum had been done.

Officers found areas were still unclean and greasy, with considerable damage to shelving and tiles.

On December 15, 2016 a further reinspection gave Salvatores a 3 star hygiene rating but when officers visited again on March 30 this year they were informed the business had changed its name.

Is that 51 live turtles stuffed in your pants or you just happy to see me?

A man has been charged with federal smuggling crimes after he was allegedly found trying to cross from Detroit into Canada with 51 live turtles in his pants, it was reported Thursday.

turtle.kissAccording to the Detroit Free Press, a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit said Kai Xu, a Canadian citizen, was trying to return to Windsor, Ontario, with the live reptiles tucked in baggies around his legs.

The newspaper reported that Gavin Shire of  the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service investigated the case against Xu and said there is a large demand for turtles in Asia — and not necessarily for pets.

There’s “a lot of both illegal and unregulated turtle consumption,” Shire told the paper.

Xu was stopped and arrested Aug. 5, but the criminal complaint was filed in court  Tuesday.

Calgary Wendy’s shut down over health violations

Brisbane is like Calgary, 20 years ago – a cow-town flush with resource money and trying to act sophisticated but still overrun with bogans (fubar).

The Wendy’s on Macleod Trail and 70 Ave. in Calgary was visited by inspectors last Wednesday, who uncovered16 safety violations.

The issues included an employee who didn’t wash their hands while handling raw meat, raw hamburger in a cooler that was too fubarfeat__spanwarm, black mold and water damage in the staff room and grease and oil on the floor.

“The reason that the restaurant has been closed is not because someone has been made ill, it is because we have an older building that requires repairs,” says Lisa Deletroz, spokesperson for Wendy’s Canada. “Part of those repairs involves making it a safer working environment.”

Employees at the affected location have been reassigned and will undergo additional training, and the restaurant will have to be visited by health inspectors again before it can reopen.

Sweet Julia Child O’ Mine; mash-up honors America’s first top chef; SCTV, SNL did it better

Guns ‘N Roses was a terrible band.

Misogynistic lyrics, riffs from a corporate boardroom, and really, really boring.

But PBS somehow thinks GNR is appropriate way to honor the matron of French cooking in the U.S., Julia Child, who would have turned 100-years-old on August 15.

Getting sick from raw milk sucks – and it’s a significant issue that can be easily prevented

Long before anyone heard of them, Second City TV had a Canadian show on a lousy network. Saturday Night Live was getting rave reviews with a bunch of Second City alumni in the U.S., so many of the Toronto cast-offs got together to form a weekly skit television series that certainly warped the mind of this-then 14-year-old beginning in 1976. Every week, the show began with the tagline,

“Don’t touch that dial! Don’t touch that one either! And stop touching yourself! SCTV is on the air!”

(I also used to bike home from school at lunch and watch Roger Ramjet, a cartoon that was almost certainly written by stoned college kids.)

A spokesthingy for the Weston A. Price Foundation, promoters of raw milk, and founded by a dentist, said the other day that if people get sick from drinking raw or unpasteurized milk,

"We just don’t see that as an issue.”

Lots of foods make people sick. Some of these illnesses are easily preventable.

Below is a table of some of the outbreaks linked to raw milk that an advocacy group just doesn’t care about (aboot).

Also below is the incredibly talented Harold Ramis, who was only on the first year of SCTV before he went on to co-write Animal House, Ghostbusters, direct Groundhog Day, and now shows up as the stoner dad in any decent movie – Orange County, Knocked Up – with his take on do-it-yourself dentistry. Sorta like do-it-yourself food safety.

Bye-bye BITES-l

That’s host Sammy Maudlin (right), as Dave Thomas’ drink-loving Captain Kangaroo answers the phone during the 1978 Second City TV (SCTV) satire of TV telethons.

Once a year, I ask for money to support the 2-3 X daily distribution of food safety news to tens of thousands, with consecutive posts dating back to 1994.

The funding is no longer there.

So it’s time to do something else.

We will continue to blog about food safety developments, and be relevant rather than repetitive. Tonight will be the last bites-l listserv posting. I may revisit things in a couple of months, but for now, it’s time to do something else.