One child dead, 2 sick from E. coli in Oregon E. coli; parents desperate for answers ask was it a goat named Cathy?

The parents of a Lincoln County girl, Serena Profitt, who died last month of shiga-toxin producing E. coli, say public health officials suspect the 4-year-old was infected by droppings from the family’s goat.

goat.poop.oct.14But Rachel Profitt told The Oregonian lab tests have not been conclusive and the investigation continues into the death of her daughter Serena.

Proffit says Lincoln County health officials advised the family to euthanize the goat, a family pet named Cathy. They are reluctant. It’s now corralled away from people.

A 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl from surroundings areas have also been infected and developed hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Health officials say they’re still investigating the cause of the three kids’ E. coli infections.

Raya the Muppet talks about poop and is proud of it

NPR asked, “Why did the superhero go to the toilet?

“Because it was her duty!” Raya exclaims as she throws her head back laughing.

Six-year-old Raya is not shy at all — especially when it comes to talking about poop.

The 6-year-old Muppet has her mind on the toilet.

That’s because Raya is the sanitation Muppet. She’s one of the newest additions to the Sesame Street family, introduced back in March as part of the Sesame Workshop’s “Cleaner, Healthier, Happier” campaign. She’s got aqua green skin, big pearl eyes and an orange button nose. And her mission is to teach kids how to pee and poop in a sanitary manner.

So Raya’s job is to get people — both adults and kids — to talk openly about poop.

Montana pool closed after intentional poop incident

Who poops in a pool? On purpose?

Bogert Pool was closed Thursday after fecal matter was found in the pool that morning.

caddyshack.pool.poop-1“To us it appears someone was in the facility overnight,” said Elizabeth Hill, the city’s interim aquatics manager. “It was something that would have been done sometime between us closing last night and opening this morning.”

Staff members discovered “a decent amount” of fecal matter intentionally placed in the pool when they removed covers from the surface, Hill said.

The pool was closed while it was cleaned and more chlorine was added. It is expected to reopen this morning.

“We just follow the standard procedure of letting chlorine do its work in filtering through the system for 24 hours,” Hill said. “Our first priority and concern is just getting the matter out of the water and letting the chlorine start to work.”

It’s Canada: how to make love in a canoe and shit in the woods

Canada is rich in parks and trails – but not all of them are equipped with washroom facilities.

maxresdefaultOf the 24 nature reserves in Ontario, for example, only two have outhouses. A third has a port-a-potty, but only in the summer months. “Otherwise you’re using the backwoods,” said Megan Anevich, nature reserves coordinator at Ontario Nature.

Leave No Trace Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes outdoor ethics, encourages campers and hikers to travel the backcountry in a responsible manner. One of their seven principles details how to properly dispose of waste – human waste – when camping.

Improper waste disposal can lead to the pollution of water sources and spreading of bacteria and disease.

Beyond the environmental and health concerns, hiking past bits of toilet paper isn’t the picture of nature most are hoping to Instagram. Family dogs accompanying you on the camping trip can also get into improperly disposed of waste.

One of the best bets for disposing of human waste properly is to bury it in a “cathole.”

With a small shovel or garden trowel, dig a hole at least 200 feet away (or around 70 adult paces) away from water, trails and campsites. Dig the hole six to eight inches deep and four to six inches wide. Once you’ve finished your business, cover the hole with soil, leaves and sticks so animals don’t get in there.

In some places you may be required to “pack out” your poop. In these cases you may want to employ the “poop burrito” method of packing out, which involves wrapping your feces in toilet paper, placing that in a ziplock bag, and packing it out in a Tupperware container.

If you find yourself without toilet paper, fear not, “natural” toilet paper is abundant in the woods.

Options for natural toilet paper include certain types of leaves, smooth rocks, sand or snow.

I didn’t poop in public but camera says I did: acute gastroenteritis and video camera surveillance on a cruise ship

Researchers in Norway report that a fecal accident was discovered in front of a passenger cabin of a cruise ship. After proper cleaning of the area the passenger was approached, but denied having any gastrointestinal symptoms. However, when confronted with surveillance camera evidence, she admitted having the accident and even bringing the towel stained with diarrhea back to the pool towels bin.  She was isolated until the next port where she was disembarked.

No Poop(1)Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) caused by Norovirus is very contagious and easily transmitted from person to person on cruise ships. The main purpose of isolation is to avoid public vomiting and fecal accidents. To quickly identify and isolate contagious passengers and crew and ensure their compliance are key elements in outbreak prevention and control, but this is difficult if ill persons deny symptoms. All passenger ships visiting U.S. ports now have surveillance video cameras, which under certain circumstances can assist in finding potential index cases for AGE outbreaks.

EPA appeals to its workers not to poop in the hallway

There was this one time, Chapman fell asleep in a Montreal hotel hallway.

We thought he was dead, and then I called his partner, which only made things worse, but I was the supervisor and he was the grad student.

crap.hallwayI should have just taken him to the room when he started smoking.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency apparently has a more immediate cleanup problem in its own backyard: An employee defecating in the hallway., the government’s business news daily and key website for federal managers and executives, reported Wednesday that the EPA management for Region 8 in Denver sent an e-mail earlier this month to staff pleading to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.

In the e-mail, obtained by Government Executive, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor noted “several incidents” in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom.

Mayor of California town caught tossing poop onto neighbor’s yard

It’s impossible to have sex in public places anymore – cameras are everywhere.

Chris Morran of Consumeristd writes Mayor Dennis Kneier of San Marino, CA, has been caught on video lobbing a sack o’ doggie diamonds onto the lawn of one of his neighbors. He claims it’s merely a mistake, while the homeowner believes it’s political payback.

throwing.poopSecurity camera footage shows the mayor and his wife strolling down the sidewalk on Saturday. In the mayor’s right hand is a tied-up bag of poop (which everyone assumes is from a dog). As he passes by the house in question, the mayor tosses the bag up the walkway and onto the yard.

After he was identified in the footage, the mayor, who apparently doesn’t own a dog, says that he spotted the bag of excrement against a lamppost elsewhere on the property and that he should have been more thoughtful about where he tossed it.

“I made a mistake of putting it in his walkway,” Kneier said. “Rather than leaving it, I should have walked on by or disposed of it properly.”

The homeowner contacted police, who agree that the tossing off the bag appears to be intentional. The video doesn’t show when or where the mayor picked up the poop used in his dirty bomb.

“This was a mistake, for which I apologize,” wrote the mayor in a letter the homeowner. “It won’t happen again.”

But the homeowner isn’t having any of it. He says the apology letter only makes matters worse by trying to put some of the blame on the homeowner — who also owns no dogs — for allegedly having dog poop on his property to begin with.

The homeowner believes that he was targeted because of his recent opposition to a dog park that the mayor supports. The mayor tells the Star-News that he is offended by the allegation, saying that people are free to have their own opinions. 

Medieval poop found: still stinks

I’ve always been a fan of the raspberries.

A number of Medieval wooden barrels have been uncovered in Denmark, revealing their less- than-glamorous contents.

Originally built to transport goods and store fish, the barrels were converted into latrines — still filled with their original contents.

medevial.poop“We are talking about 700-year-old latrines. And yes, they still smell bad,” Maria Elisabeth Lauridsen, the archaeologist in charge of the excavation, told Discovery News.

Unearthed in the center of the Medieval town of Odense, the birthplace of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, the barrels are believed to have served a toilet area.

“Preliminary results of analysis show that raspberries were popular in Odense in the 1300s. The contents also contain small pieces of moss, leather and fabric which were used as toilet paper,” Lauridsen said.

Parents baffled by doll that literally poops rainbows

As a father of five daughters, I’ve always tried to introduce some activity into their routine to balance all the girly stuff.

Sure Sorenne wears a pink sweater, but she plays hockey.

sorenne.hockeyShe’s also really into human anatomy videos on youtube, so maybe the Moxie Girls are for her.

TM, the brand that owns Bratz and Bratzillas, tells girls what it means to have moxie and the tagline “Be True, Be You.”

The Moxie Girls’ pet unicorns actually poop. But not just any poop, rainbow poop.

One commentator said “I suppose a doll with a pooping pet has some sort of educational value (might encourage potty training), but really, I think they could have done more. After all, it’s a UNICORN. Pooping rainbows is one thing, but if it doesn’t also fart moonbeams and sunshine, then really, it’s only half a unicorn.”


Liquid dookie and Green Day

Green_Day_-_Dookie_coverI’m old. Twenty years ago today, the rock band Green Day released the album, Dookie.

The name of the album is a reference to the band members often suffering from diarrhea, which they referred to as “liquid dookie, “as a result of eating spoiled food while on tour. Initially the band were to name the album Liquid Dookie; however, this was deemed “too gross,” and so they settled on the name Dookie.