Medieval poop found: still stinks

I’ve always been a fan of the raspberries.

A number of Medieval wooden barrels have been uncovered in Denmark, revealing their less- than-glamorous contents.

Originally built to transport goods and store fish, the barrels were converted into latrines — still filled with their original contents.

medevial.poop“We are talking about 700-year-old latrines. And yes, they still smell bad,” Maria Elisabeth Lauridsen, the archaeologist in charge of the excavation, told Discovery News.

Unearthed in the center of the Medieval town of Odense, the birthplace of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, the barrels are believed to have served a toilet area.

“Preliminary results of analysis show that raspberries were popular in Odense in the 1300s. The contents also contain small pieces of moss, leather and fabric which were used as toilet paper,” Lauridsen said.

Parents baffled by doll that literally poops rainbows

As a father of five daughters, I’ve always tried to introduce some activity into their routine to balance all the girly stuff.

Sure Sorenne wears a pink sweater, but she plays hockey.

sorenne.hockeyShe’s also really into human anatomy videos on youtube, so maybe the Moxie Girls are for her.

TM, the brand that owns Bratz and Bratzillas, tells girls what it means to have moxie and the tagline “Be True, Be You.”

The Moxie Girls’ pet unicorns actually poop. But not just any poop, rainbow poop.

One commentator said “I suppose a doll with a pooping pet has some sort of educational value (might encourage potty training), but really, I think they could have done more. After all, it’s a UNICORN. Pooping rainbows is one thing, but if it doesn’t also fart moonbeams and sunshine, then really, it’s only half a unicorn.”


Liquid dookie and Green Day

Green_Day_-_Dookie_coverI’m old. Twenty years ago today, the rock band Green Day released the album, Dookie.

The name of the album is a reference to the band members often suffering from diarrhea, which they referred to as “liquid dookie, “as a result of eating spoiled food while on tour. Initially the band were to name the album Liquid Dookie; however, this was deemed “too gross,” and so they settled on the name Dookie.

Don’t play in poop; Penn playground closed due to chicken manure spill

A southwestern Pennsylvania borough has indefinitely closed a playground because of lingering contamination from a chicken manure spill last month.

The manure spilled on a hill above the playground Aug. 23, and water flows onto the playground when it rains, apparently carrying bacteria from the manure. Borough workers treated the area with lime, but say bacteria Empty+Swings+Genericcounts including salmonella haven’t decreased.

Councilman Roger Miller says his own unscientific methods have confirmed those findings saying, “My nose tells me there’s a problem out there.”

Miller asked a borough worker about the results of recent bacteria tests and says he was told, “You don’t want to know.”

Probably poop and pee in that pool

Sorenne has been taking swimming lessons at this huge outdoor pool complex for over a year, and even with all the babies, I haven’t seen poop in the pool.

But it happens, as shown by all those summertime Cryptosporidium outbreaks pool.pooplinked to pools, and according to CDC, it happens a lot.

So in honor of the ninth annual Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week, the U.S Centers for Disease Control has concluded that 58% of water samples from public pools tested positive for E. coli, bacteria commonly found in human feces.

CDC says its findings indicate that swimmers are contaminating the water either through “fecal incidents” in the pool, or because they haven’t showered properly and the germs remain on their body when they enter the water.

The results are based on 161 filter samples from public swimming pools in the Atlanta area.

And there’s not just poop in the pool; 59% of water samples also tested positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can cause skin rashes and ear infections.

Here’s what the CDC recommends swimmers do to stay healthy and keep others healthy – whether swimming in a pool, lake, river or ocean (or using a hot tub):

– Stay out of swimming water when you have diarrhea.

– Shower with soap before swimming.

– Take children for bathroom breaks every 60 minutes.

– Wash your hands with soap after using the toilet or changing diapers.

sorenne.pool.sep.12– Avoid changing diapers next to the pool.

– Avoid swallowing the water.

And according to NPR, the CDC knows you pee in the pool, too. The nitrogen in urine depletes free chlorine in pool water, making it harder to kill germs. Nitrogen also converts the chlorine into a form that irritates the eyes and lungs. So stop doing that.

At 4:20 on 4/20, elephant poop beer makes sense

Sankt Gallen Brewery is using beans found in elephant poop to create Un, Kono Kuro.

Usually people talk about aftertaste when drinking beer but with Un, Kono Kuro the beer made from elephant poop 215x214 Beer made from elephant poop sells out immediatelyword afterglow is, according to guyism, much more appropriate

After downing the last drop, slowly rising from my throat and mouth was that afterglow. The combination of bitter and sweet stayed fresh and lingered in my head. It was a familiar aroma that accompanied me through the entire beer

For some time after I could still feel as if my body was saturated with that warm scent.

They’re so proud of the process that they actually put a picture of an elephant taking a dump on the label. So how does it taste? As with many seemingly ridiculous ideas, it somehow worked out well

According to one reviewer, “When I poured it into a glass the coffee-like aroma continued to build it was relaxing like an easy Sunday morning. After taking my first sip there was an initial bitterness that got washed over by a wave of sweetness. Following that, a mellow body rolled in and spread out through my mouth.

Happy 4/20.


Red Bull says it’s being blackmailed with poop threats

Austrian executives of Red Bull say someone is blackmailing the company, threatening to contaminate cans of the energy drink with poop and place them red.bullon supermarket shelves.

What the perps are after, MSN Now is not quite sure. Whatever it is, Red Bull execs say they’re conducting supermarket checks and have found no signs of product tampering.

Toilet-to-tap: don’t drink poop, unless it’s treated really, really well

Don’t eat poop, and if you do, cook it.

Australians may be trying out don’t drink poop, unless it’s safely treated.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australians will be encouraged to embrace treated sewage for drinking in the largest-ever bid to overcome the”yuck factor” and push the contentious option onto the national agenda.

A $10 million drive, partly funded by the federal government, aims to convince the public that introducing recycled water to drinking supplies is a palatable, cost-effective alternative to measures such as desalination.

The ”engagement strategy” will target households, students, politicians and the water industry.

Public scepticism and fears over health risks have traditionally kept the toilet-to-tap concept off the political agenda.

The chair of the project’s research advisory committee, Ian Law, said recycled water for drinking should be examined before crisis loomed ”when dams are full … so we have the ducks in a row when the next drought comes”.

The project, led by the University of NSW, will develop a national engagement program to show that recycled water is safe and reliable. It will include devising education programs, a social media campaign and MutantFishdemonstration projects where the public could see wastewater being treated. Similar schemes overseas allow visitors to sample the water.

The Brisbane-based Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence is co-ordinating the project, which will also examine recycled stormwater.

In a terrible example of risk communication, Mr Law said, ”There is nothing more powerful than an informed public,” he said, adding those who drank recycled water wouldn’t ‘”grow five heads.”

The target audience will remember the five-heads bit.

‘Scared of being covered in poop’ norovirus continues to plague cruise ships

As yet another cruise ship returns reeking of barf, some bad musicians are canceling their latest pay check.

Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty told VH-1 on Thursday that he’ll hire a helicopter to get himself off the Carnival Imagination if it loses power on the Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twentythree-night Matchbox Twenty Cruise, which kicks off Dec 6.

“I’m scared of being covered in poop. To anybody that’s on that cruise, I just wanna apologize now because if something like that happens, I’m getting outta there. I’m gonna get helicoptered out. I’m gonna leave you behind like I don’t know your name.”

Friday, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship arrived in Port Everglades with an outbreak of norovirus on board The Vision of the Seas. Royal Caribbean hasn’t commented on the disease outbreak yet, but passengers said more than 200 passengers had to be quarantined due to the outbreak.

Poop cruise passengers get bathrobes

It’s the perfect re-gift, for someone you despise.

Carnival Triumph announced Friday the bathrobes used by the over 4,000 adrift in poop on a disabled ship in the Gulf of Mexico would be gratis.

“Of course the bathrobes for the Carnival Triumph are complimentary,” it said in a tweet on the official @carnivalcruise account.

Somehow, this didn’t go over well.

“Who wants a stinky robe?!” tweeted a reporter in North Carolina, Astrid Martinez, while another user of the social media site, Natalie Eshaya, enthused sarcastically, “Oh how generous.”

Another sceptic, Paul Nather, wondered “What do you think the going rate for a Carnival cruise bathrobe will be on eBay tomorrow?”

The white bathrobe has become an unlikely symbol of the nightmare of the cruise-goers, who donned them to attract attention as they stood on the drifting ship.

Others used the white terrycloth as a canvas to write messages, with one passenger proclaiming, “I survived Carnival’s triumph redbags” – a reference to the bags that substituted for toilets.