Thank you sir, may I have another: 3 UK Royal Marines detained over paddling pool full of barf and piss

And the Brits think we’re the heathens, out in the colonies.

blutoThree Royal Marines have been sentenced to military detention for their part in an initiation ceremony which involved subjecting a colleague to “40 minutes of depravity and naked humiliation”.

Carlo Nicholson, who was made to drink from a paddling pool full of urine and vomit, said he was left feeling suicidal following the “joining run” event – watched by 80 drunken men – and carried out by 45 Commando, based at Royal Marine Condor in Arbroath in May 2014.

Marine Ian Tennet, 22, Lance Corporal Scott Simm, 26, and James Taylor, 27, who is now a lance corporal in the Royal Marines Reserves, were all sentenced for a charge of ill-treatment of a subordinate.

Tennet was sentenced to 11 months and two weeks’ detention, while Simm and Taylor were both sentenced to eight months.

A fourth defendant, former Marine Ryan Logan, 25, was sentenced to 220 hours of unpaid community work for battery and disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind.

Sentencing the defendants at Portsmouth Naval Base’s court martial centre, Judge Advocate Robert Hill said the event had been “40 minutes of depravity and naked humiliation”.

kevinbacon_animalhouse-620x436He said: “The suggestion has been made it was nothing more than a rite of passage, and its purpose was not to humiliate, harm or distress but to harness bonding, and is something all Royal Marines Commandos have gone through – but it’s no more than conduct that brings disgrace on the Commandos involved.”

He said the defendants had been described during the court hearing as “scapegoats” and added: “It is not the purpose of this court to set itself up as a board of inquiry. It has been noted with considerable concern that more senior non-commissioned officers haven’t found their way to the court martial system. Had they done so the likely position they would face is a starting point of a term of imprisonment.”

Military training: During the initiation event, described in court as a “rite of passage”, Mr Nicholson, along with other newcomers to the unit, was forced to run naked around the camp with bottles and milk and lemonade taped to his arms.

He was made to lie down in the paddling pool containing urine and vomit while eggs were thrown at him, as well as to fight other marines while naked and covered in cooking oil.

He was also made to eat dessert spoons of chill, cinnamon and curry powder, eat dog food out of a mess tin while on all fours, eat lard and swallow liquid through a funnel as well as made to consume the contents of a mess tin filled from the paddling pool which also contained a rollmop herring, lard and cider.

Wright’s Farm open again after post-noro cleaning

Wright’s Farm restaurant is open again following a week-long clean up after 30 patrons came down with norovirus after eating there.

According to WPRI a child barfing in the dining room was the cause of the outbreak.

Wright’s owner Frank Galleshaw told Eyewitness News they cleaned and sanitized every inch of the building, and double-washed every utensil and dish.vomit

“Steam cleaned our carpets, rugs, cleaned our kitchen. Cleaned all of the tables, chairs, sanitized everything, sanitized our walls, windows, pictures,” he said. “Then we ran our plates, silverware, salt pepper shakers, we emptied all of those out, and ran everything through our dishwasher two times just to make sure that this place was ready to open up and everything was clean and sanitized.”

Cleaning and sanitizing after vomit events are tricky. The virus particles can spread about 10 feet from the vomit spot and can persist for weeks. Lee-Ann Jaykus and I submitted an issue to be discussed at the Conference for Food Protection about written procedures for cleaning up vomit events to be included in the FDA Model Food Code.

Commentator barfs on air during soccer game

Amy and Sorenne and I went to a spring training game in Scottsdale yesterday — Arizona versus Seattle — with the in-laws.

colbert.soccerI kept my mouth shut, but after watching and playing hockey, Sorenne and Amy both said, wow, this is boring.

Viewers in Switzerland who sat down to watch Lazio’s 2-0 win over Atalanta on Sunday in soccer – another narcoleptic sport — may have ended up feeling as unsettled as their commentator’s stomach.

In the opening minutes of the Serie A match, the commentary feed fell silent and largely stayed that way for the best part of a minute.

The only sound to be heard above the atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico was that of the Swiss channel’s commentator retching and heaving.

You can see the footage, which was posted to Facebook by the Average Juventino Guy page. Be warned, it’s not one for the squeamish.

Lazio eventually ran out 2-0 winners over La Dea to keep their hopes of a Europa League place alive.

Are Uber drivers using fake vomit to scam customers?

Uber drivers are using a fake vomit scam to force customers to pay hundreds of dollars in ‘clean up’ fees, a passenger claims.

Meredith Mandel had caught an Uber home to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, with her boyfriend and a friend after enjoying dinner out, the Gothamist reports. The ride, which was uneventful, ended at just before 1.30am.

uber.fake.barfBut when Mandel, who says she and the rest of her party were sober, checked her e-mail the next morning, she discovered she’d been charged more than $200 for the two mile trip from Fort Greene.

After challenging Uber over the extortionate fee, she was told that a $200 cleaning charge had been added to her $19 fee after the driver claimed she had thrown up in the car.

He even provided photographic evidence – all of which Mandel insists is fake.

‘I was infuriated, because I realized that it actually is a scam,’ she told The Gothamist. ‘At first I was trying to actually give them the benefit of a doubt, but I realized [it] because all of the money goes to the drivers.’

The Manhattan art director began picking apart the driver’s claims, stating that the pictures showed vomit in the front seat while she and her fellow passengers had been sat in the back. she was also suspicious that the throw up seemed contained to easy-to-clean plastic surfaces.

Mandel, who temporarily closed her Paypal account, was still mid-dispute with Uber when she realized the driver had even attempted to take a second $200 installment.

And it appears she isn’t the only Uber customer to be fall victim to the alleged scam.

Last year, another New Yorker, who is only referred to by his first name as Billy, described a similar scenario.

Billy writes that he was eventually able to get his money back but other incidents have been reported across the United States including one in Los Angeles and two in Tampa, Florida that resulted in the driver getting fired.

Uber say that passengers who soil driver’s cars are charged a cleaning fee and are sent an explanation of the charge.

Universal Hollywood’s new Harry Potter ride is making people barf

I never really got into the Harry Potter thing – who needs wizards and Hogwarts when there are already enough bizarre real-life stories from the Brits.

harry-potter_jv8mqhBut, if it gets kids to read, and mother and daughter have recently been watching the movies, then it’s all good.

Until someone barfs.

The new The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, part of the long-awaited Wizarding World of Harry Potter park, was designed to simply be the Hollywood version of the Orlando location’s ride of the same name, TMZ reports. 

However, something about a hella realistic journey through fantastical lands atop a broom isn’t getting along with the dark lords of nausea. According to unnamed Universal employees who reportedly gave the ride a pre-launch try, the 3D-assisted jaunt just might induce a quick hurl. Others with the distinct pleasure of hitting the new Hollywood park during its soft opening period, as quoted by BuzzFeed News, have also endured similar experiences in the name of wizardry.

“I just went on the Harry Potter ride and I’m 99.9 percent sure I’m going to be sick,” one Twitter user revealed. Though some reports cite the problem as exclusive to the new Hollywood version of the ride, BuzzFeed notes that the Orlando edition has also been hit with its own accusations of vomit-inducing tendencies.


Barf train: Irish Rail forced to pull train from service throughout

During an outing on Monday, hundreds of members from two societies at Dublin City University boarded a train specifically chartered for them heading to Galway City.

vomit-6Those on-board were allowed to bring their own alcohol, and according to reports, there were only two security guards present to deal with the mass of students.

“The train was left in a dreadful state,” said a spokesperson for Irish Rail.

“The train was not able to enter service on Tuesday as it had to be deep cleaned on Tuesday and overnight on Wednesday before going back into service.”

According to the rail service vomit and “other fluids” where discovered throughout the train.

First reported in the College View, DCU’s student newspaper, the Engineering Society and Science & Health Society took 300 students from Dublin to Galway City on the train.

According to the newspaper, only two stalls were in working order during the journey, though a student on the train claimed “It was more like one.”

“We were locked in there with one toilet between 300 people,” said Josh, speaking to RTÉ’s Liveline.

“I don’t know what they expected. There was no where for anyone to get sick.”

Gruesome moment female weightlifter projectile vomits while pumping some serious iron

This is the stomach-turning moment a bodybuilder projectile vomits across a row of judges – right in the middle of a weightlifting competition .

The woman was attempting a powerlift and had previously performed a little dance in front of her audience in an attempt to psych herself up.

In the video, she then grabs hold of the barbell and begins her lift.

But as she reaches the halfway point, she suddenly opens her mouth and projectile vomits across the performance area.

Judges can be seen moving their chairs back quickly as the woman sprays the front row with her vomit.

The weightlifter, known on Instagram as BlondeBeautyBri, was captured on camera at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

The footage has now gone viral after being posted on the social media site.

Avocado vomit tales and Listeria

I don’t like avocados.

There was this one time my ex-wife made an avocado dip to take to my relatives and was so drunk or hungover she barfed up all this green garlicly stuff at the side of highway 400, headed to Barrie.

guacamoleIt smelled awful.

Maybe she had Listeria (doubtful).

Listeria monocytogenes can grow and multiply in various food matrices and cause severe human illness. Apart from the influence on consumer health, L. monocytogenes contamination of ready-to-eat (RTE) food products causes major economic losses due to product recalls.

Control of foodborne pathogens in RTE food products is a challenge, specifically in foods that cannot undergo a heat-treatment during processing. The aim of this study was to develop control strategies for the management of L. monocytogenes in an avocado processing facility, additional to a quality control system. An in-house monitoring system (IMS) was established to test specifically for Listeria spp. in the final products and processing environment, including floors, equipment, work areas and personnel. Guacamole and environmental samples were collected and tested on-site for Listeria with the ISO 11290-1 method.

Based on the prevalence of Listeria, the facility introduced new strategies in processing to counter cross contamination. Results from the 2014 guacamole production season showed almost complete eradication of Listeria spp. in final products (0.17%, n = 1170) and the processing facility (0.79%, n = 1520). This is a major achievement since the highest incidence of Listeria spp. over a period of five years was measured at 11.39% (n = 948) in the final product during the 2013 season and 13.44% (n = 1927) in the processing facility in 2011.

These results indicate that successful management of Listeria spp. in an avocado processing facility can be accomplished with in-house monitoring of the listerial population and subsequent adjustments to the processing system.

So it probably wasn’t Listeria. Just booze.

Successful management of Listeria spp. in an avocado processing facility

Food Control, Volume 62, April 2016, Pages 208–215

Amy Strydom, René Vorster, Pieter A. Gouws, R. Corli Witthuhn


It’s called barfblog: soldier gets puked on and doesn’t move

At a Remembrance Day service in the UK (that’s what the British Commonwealth calls Veteran’s Day) took a barfy turn today when, according to the Daily Star, a soldier fell ill, and yacked on a fellow service member.

The unflappable trooper was snapped covered in what appears to be bright yellow puke after a fellow serviceman fell ill this morning.

Despite being blasted with bile, the soldier steadfastly maintained his composure as the nation paused to pay its respects.Soldier-puked-on-Remembrance-Sunday-325994

The unlucky soldier, whose identity is currently unknown, was standing close to the Cenotaph when the drama occurred.

Phenomenally, the puked upon guy stood still for the rest of the service.

Safer food saves lives

That’s the view from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and I agree. food sent to several states can make people sick with the same germ. These multistate outbreaks cause serious illness, and more of these outbreaks are being found. Multistate outbreaks caused 56% of deaths in all reported foodborne outbreaks, although they accounted for just 3% of all such outbreaks from 2010 to 2014. Foods that cause multistate outbreaks are contaminated before they reach a restaurant or home kitchen. Investigating these outbreaks often reveals problems on the farm, in processing or in distribution that resulted in contaminated food. Lessons learned from these outbreaks are helping make food safer. To protect the public’s health, government at all levels and food industries need to work together to stop outbreaks and keep them from happening in the first place.

Food industries can:

Keep records to trace foods from source to destination.

Use store loyalty card and distribution records to help investigators identify what made people sick.

Recall products linked to an outbreak and notify customers.

Choose only suppliers that use food safety best practices.

Share proven food safety solutions with others in industry.

Make food safety a core part of company culture.

Meet or exceed new food safety laws and regulations.

Problem foodborne outbreaks are serious and hard to solve.

Multistate outbreaks can be hard to detect.

Contaminated food grown or produced in a single place can wind up in kitchens across America.

People in many states may get sick from a contaminated food, making it difficult to spot the outbreak.

Detecting that an outbreak is happening requires specialized testing of germs in laboratories across the country.

Multistate outbreaks can be hard to investigate.

Investigators depend on sick people to remember what they ate several weeks earlier.

If the problem is a contaminated ingredient, people may unknowingly eat it in many different foods.

Unexpected foods have been linked to recent multistate outbreaks, such as caramel apples and chia powder.

Contaminated food can be hard to trace to the source.

Companies may not have complete records of the source or destination of foods.

food.that.doesn' food can be even harder to trace to its source, and imports to the US are increasing.

Many different farms may produce the beef in a single burger or the fresh vegetables sold in a single crate.

Innovative methods are helping detect and solve more multistate outbreaks.

New DNA sequencing technology is improving public health’s ability to link germs found in sick people and in contaminated foods.

Information technology is helping investigators in many places work together.

Efforts by food industries are helping trace contaminated foods to their source.

What Can Be Done

The Federal government is

Implementing improved food safety laws and regulations.

Working with state and local health departments to use better methods, including DNA sequencing, to find, investigate and quickly stop multistate foodborne outbreaks.

Helping state and local health departments improve food safety inspections and guidelines.

State and local public health agencies can

Encourage clinical laboratories to quickly submit germs from sick people to the public health laboratory for advanced testing.

Test the germs from sick people quickly to find if others got sick from the same germ.

Interview sick people promptly about what they ate, using standard questions.

Family guy barfTest suspect foods, if available.

Participate in national networks to share improved methods for investigating multistate outbreaks.

Encourage industry actions that focus on preventing foodborne disease.

Health care providers can

Submit germs from sick people quickly to public health laboratories for advanced testing.

Report suspected outbreaks rapidly to the local or state health department.

Inform patients or caretakers of those in high-risk groups that they have an increased risk for food poisoning. These include pregnant women, adults over 65 years, children under 5, and people with weakened immune systems. Steps to prevent food poisoning can be found on:

Food industries can

Keep records to trace foods from source to destination.

Use store loyalty card and distribution records to help investigators identify what made people sick.

Recall products linked to an outbreak and notify customers.

Choose only suppliers that use food safety best practices.

Share proven food safety solutions with others in industry.

Make food safety a core part of company culture.

Meet or exceed new food safety laws and regulations.

Everyone can

Check for food recalls and information about how to handle and prepare food safely on: action if you think you have a foodborne sickness:

Talk to your health care provider.

Write down what you ate in the week before you started to get sick.

Report your sickness to the health department if you think you are part of an outbreak.

Assist public health investigators by answering questions about your sickness.

Consider getting a loyalty card where you shop. If there is a recall, the store can use the card to notify you.