Red Sox fan vomits on to fans sitting in tier below him during game at Fenway Park

Baseball is incredibly dull.

fever_pitch_300x220But maybe it would be more interesting if someone barfed on you.

A Boston Red Sox fan vomited from the stands onto fans sitting below at a baseball game on Thursday afternoon.

Just after the national anthem had finished playing, the man wretched a stream of puke before his friends could reign him in.

Shocked spectators standing alongside could hardly believe their eyes as the sick rained down on those gathered directly underneath the upper tier at Fenway Park.

The Boston fan drenched unsuspecting fans in vomit at the game against the White Sox.

Despite his friends trying to hold him back as he leant over for seconds, they were not quick enough to hold him back and he was able to lean over the railings.

It wasn’t a good omen for what was to come game-wise: the Red Sox went on to lose 8-2.


Everyone moves on just takes awhile: Longest running Pizza Hut closing this weekend in Manhattan

A Pizza Hut in Manhattan (Kansas) that has been at its original location longer than any Pizza Hut in the nation will close this weekend in Manhattan.

Pizza-hut-logoCompany officials announced Tuesday the Pizza Hut in Manhattan’s Aggieville will close at 11 p.m. Sunday. It began operating there in 1960.

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by two Wichita State University students. After the original Pizza Hut in Wichita moved, the Manhattan location became the oldest still operating at its original site.

Ohio woman arrested for calling 911 about bad Chinese food

A 44-year-old Ohio woman was arrested Monday after calling 911 to report Chinese food that was “not up to par for her liking,” according to police.

911.ohioTracey McCloud, of Alliance, placed the call to the emergency number from inside Main Moon Chinese Restaurant.

The call did not qualify as an emergency and she was arrested and charged with misuse of 911, which is a misdemeanor, police said.

Alliance Police are reminding residents that misuse or abuse of the system can delay dispatchers from taking calls from people with real emergencies.

McCloud is scheduled to appear in court later this week.

Gas issues? Australian restaurant closed after wire in fried rice

A popular Chinese restaurant in Brisbane was shut down after a woman suffered severe throat trauma when she swallowed part of a stainless steel pot scrubber in her fried rice late last month.

Fried-Rice-037Maxine Dosen was dining with her father at Bamboo Basket Chinese Restaurant, in the Portside precinct at Hamilton, when she ordered a small serving of fried rice.

“It all happened so quickly,” Ms Dosen said.

“I put this fried rice in my mouth and suddenly felt something sharp, like a prawn shell, go down my throat.

“I tried to bring it back up my throat and pulled this long, curly thing out of my mouth and put it down on a red napkin.”

She said stretched out on the table was a 4cm piece metal stretched. She also coughed up several metal shavings.

Having a history of digestive issues and bowel operations, Ms Dosen was raced to hospital as her doctors feared the metal may have entered her bowel.

Ms Dosen ended up with severe oesophageal scratching.

The injury developed into a serious infection, causing her to lose her voice.

A Brisbane City Council spokeswoman told The Courier-Mail an immediate on-site investigation was conducted at the restaurant.

“Council has issued the business with an immediate suspension of the restaurant’s food business licence and will continue to investigate the alleged stainless steel contaminant,” the spokeswoman said.

“The business will remain closed until council is satisfied the restaurant does not pose a safety risk to the public.”

A sign on the front door to the restaurant yesterday cited “unforeseen gas issues” as the reason for the closure and hoped to restore operations shortly.

Spam burger in Sydney

Amy was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota, next door to Austin, MN, the home of Spam.

spam.burgersProving that it really is 1978 in Australia, a popular Sydney bar is now serving a Spam burger.

Bloody Mary’s in Sydney’s Darlinghurst is known for its Instagram-worthy, American diner-style creations and of course, top-notch Bloody Marys made with homemade tomato juice.

The spam burger costs $16 and comes with grilled spam, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, mayonnaise and mustard.

“We put it on the menu two weeks ago and it’s going off, it’s crazy,” owner Cinta Rockey told

NZ real estate agent mails poop to rival

An Auckland real estate agent who mailed poo to a rival agent has been discharged without conviction.

poop.jarGrant Campbell Tucker, 58, a director of Netrealty, appeared for sentence in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to posting a noxious substance.

The recipient of the package, David Beard, the lawyer of Tucker’s former employer Custom Residential, tendered a victim impact statement that detailed the impact on staff and the financial loss he had suffered because of the offending.

Judge Claire Ryan said Tucker posted the noxious substance on March 6, 2014, an offence carrying a maximum penalty of a $5000 fine.

The judge said the offending occurred after Tucker fell out with his former employer, John Wills, the director of Custom Residential.


People don’t want to eat candy shaped like poop: Disney World stops selling its animal poo sweets because of customer complaints

Two weeks ago, Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened up a new sweet shop called Zuri’s and, in keeping with the animal theme, they decided to sell hippo, elephant, giraffe and tamarin poo in chocolate form. Because, of course.

disney.poopThey were quite literally selling crap.

And while the $3.99 (£2.50) ‘poop platter’ doesn’t look particularly appetising, it does sound pretty delicious.

The giraffe dung is actually a rolled fudge brownie with fresh caramel, while the elephant poo is in fact chocolate peanut butter fudge with rolled oats and yellow coconut flakes on top.

The tamarin poop, meanwhile, is made up of pretzel pearls coated in peanut butter fudge, and the hippo version is chocolate fudge brownie with peanut butter.

Food blogger Kim Button, who was lucky enough to sample a giraffe poo truffle ahead of its launch, wrote of the production process: ‘The animal handlers of Disney’s Animal Kingdom worked in conjunction with pastry chefs so that they perfected the look of the animal poop exactly.’

Of the taste, she added: ‘I can’t say they are the best treats I’ve ever eaten at Disney, but they are a conversation piece.’

So, yeah, not an overwhelming endorsement.

And it seems the world wasn’t ready for faux-poo sweets, with some dubbing them ‘classless’ and ‘trashy’ online. Inquisitr reports that the ‘treats’ were withdrawn from sale at the weekend because of guest complaints, although no official comment has been made by Disney.

Don’t eat poop and if you do, make sure it’s cooked — Disney style

A new shop at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is serving up desserts that look like varieties of animal droppings.

Four kinds of poo are now in the case amid the caramel apples and marshmallow treats at Zuri’s Sweets Shop.

The news of the new “poop” treats became known to the public through the official Twitter page of Mickey Updates.

UK Waitrose free coffee made customer vomit after he drank it

A Canary Wharf Waitrose customer who vomited after drinking what he thought was free coffee says staff need to heed food safety rules.

waltrose.coffeeGurdeep Singh, who lives on the Isle of Dogs was shopping at the supermarket on Sunday, June 21, when he decided he’d like some refreshment.

The 38-year-old collected coffee from a self-service machine that allows Waitrose customers to get a hot beverage for free, and drank from the cup.

He said: “The coffee was so hot I couldn’t even taste the cleaning fluid.

“I felt ill immediately and was sick in the store.”

Mr Singh said there was no sign on the machine saying it was on its cleaning cycle and there were cups in the dispensing unit.

A Waitrose spokesman said: “We are very sorry to the customer for what was an unpleasant experience that should not have happened.

Sucking air out of a baggie containing raw chicken is beyond dumb

State-sponsored jazz, NPR, says it’s getting crafty in the kitchen this summer.

bird.bag.sous.videIt’s another triumph of food porn over food safety.

In a story about making magically moist sous vide chicken without the fancy equipment, chef Christina Tosi says consumers can cook chicken with a spiced-buttermilk sauce sous-vide, in just 5 to 20 minutes, with a Ziploc bag.

Judge the recipe for yourselves:

You’ll need a chicken breast or boneless thigh, seasoning of your choice (either salt and pepper or a spice blend), buttermilk (or even bottled ranch dressing), a heavy-duty zip-top freezer bag, and a straw.

  1. Butterfly the chicken breast, or pound it flat, and season.
  2. Put a butterflied chicken breast in a plastic freezer bag with the buttermilk (or ranch).
  3. Seal the bag except for one corner. Insert a straw into the remaining hole and slowly suck out the air with your mouth. Be careful not to suck the sauce into your mouth! Seal the bag to get it as air-free as possible.

Wait, what?

Sucking air out of a bag of Salmonella and Campylobacter is a terrible idea.

And have those zip-lock bags been designed to work at the unspecified higher temperature?

  1. Optional: If you are using thinner storage bags, repeat the process in a second bag, to prevent leaks.
  2. Bring a pot of water nearly to a boil. Set a piece of tin foil in the pot like a hammock (with the ends crimped over the edge).
  3. Plop the bag into the pot of hot — but not boiling — water. The foil will suspend the bag above the bottom of the pot so the bag doesn’t burn.
  4. If the chicken is thin, it will cook (poach, essentially), in five or 10 minutes. An intact chicken breast may take 20 minutes.

You can test the chicken by looking and feeling to make sure it isn’t pink inside.

Wait, what? Color is a lousy indicator. The chicken needs to be temped with a tip-sensitive digital thermometer.

I can’t wait for the next installment.