Watch NFL linebacker Brian Cushing puke an endless stream of vomit

In hockey coaching camp, we’re told, the old school ways of making kids skate until they puke is a no-no.

I agree.

Apparently, the concussion-free National Football League hasn’t gotten that message, as Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing demonstrated at a NFL training camp.

Watch Cushing prove to everyone that he’s only human by puking for nearly a minute during last night’s episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Low water activity, but gross: US couple eats bite of unrefrigerated wedding cake each year for 60 years

A couple who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week have revealed one secret to keeping their marriage from getting stale: eating cake that is very, very much so.

marriageAnn and Ken Fredericks of Satellite Beach, Florida, celebrate their anniversary by eating a bite from their wedding cake every year — the remains of which they’re now keeping covered in plastic wrap inside a metal coffee can, Florida Today reports.

But they don’t store it inside a refrigerator or freezer. The cake’s actually sitting inside a closet at room temperature.

Ann Fredericks, 81, said their children are “appalled” they’re still eating the decades-old dessert, but said the dark fruit cake will keep indefinitely. They pour brandy over the cake to moisten it before digging in, and usually break open a bottle of champagne to go with it, she said.

“Believe me, it’s quite tasty, as long as it’s got enough brandy on it. And it’s never made us sick,” she told Florida Today.

She did tell ABC News that “it’s a little dry.”


Meth-tainted meal sends NZ pair to hospital

Two people with a taste for casseroles were admitted to hospital with methamphetamine poisoning from a contaminated slow cooker.

meth.slow.cooker.aug.15The pair turned up at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital in October 2013, suffering from diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea, loss of appetite, dry and sore mouth, palpitations, dizziness, facial flushing, sweating, dilated pupils and racing heart rates.

The symptoms had developed within 10 minutes of eating a homemade bean casserole,

“The bean casserole had been prepared with canned butter beans, canned mixed beans, beef shin on a bone, pork hock, chicken stock powder, onions, carrots, sea salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf,” a detailed ESR report said.

Both reported milder symptoms, after eating the same bean casserole and a homemade beef casserole on separate days before being admitted to hospital.

The beef casserole was made using shin on the bone beef (coated in paprika and potato flour), sea salt, pepper, red wine, tomato paste, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, onions, beef stock and bay leaf, the ESR report said.

Tests of the casseroles at an ESR Laboratory, revealed traces of methamphetamine in both meals.

Further tests revealed methamphetamine inside the slow cooker and on the lid’s inner and outer surfaces.

“There was real concern that a criminal act of food contamination or deliberate poisoning had occurred.”

Police were informed but no further action was taken.

Recall of fresh mussels in Ireland: due to presence of DSP (diarrhetic shellfish poisoning)

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is advising consumers of a food recall of fresh mussels supplied from Wednesday of this week to some retail stores throughout Ireland.  The mussels were harvested from Roaringwater Bay, Co. Cork on Monday and Tuesday of this week and may contain harmful levels of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) toxins.  These mussels were sold loose and in bags at fresh fish counters in some retail outlets nationwide.  The FSAI is warning consumers who may have the product at home not to eat the affected mussels. The implicated mussels have now been removed from sale.

Symptoms of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain which can start between 30 minutes to a few hours after ingestion. Complete recovery occurs within a number of days.

The FSAI is warning consumers who may have the mussels to check with the store where they purchased them and not to eat them if they are implicated in this recall.

Poop-flavored curry now available in new Tokyo restaurant; how did owner know what poo tastes like?

I don’t like curry.

Poop-flavored curry sounds worse.

poop.curryA new restaurant in Tokyo named Curry Shop Shimizu is unlike any other curry shop. They offer their signature dish in a toilet-shaped plate, and for good reason – the restaurant offers poo-flavored curry.

Apparently, Curry Shop Shimizu’s main reason for opening a shop which specializes in poo curry is originality. The restaurant reportedly wanted to be “the world’s first” something, and following some brainstorming, the creators came up with the idea thinking nobody else in the world would offer such a curry.

According to Kotaku, even Japanese site NariNari has called the poo-flavored curry “shocking” with the eatery being certainly a “first for mankind.”

The restaurant calls their poop curry “unko curry.” The name might sound disgusting, but the contents of the unko curry isn’t really inedible. The poop curry is reportedly made from “exceedingly healthy ingredients,” including green tea, cocoa powder and goya, to name a few.

Sounds like poop.

Poop into food: NASA is spending $200,000/yr for research

According to a press release on NASA’s website, eight faculty-led teams received about $200,000 per year for up to three years of research dealing with high priority needs for the future of space exploration. Among the proposed projects is Clemson University’s “Synthetic Biology for Recycling Human Waste into Food, Nutraceuticals, and Materials: Closing the Loop for Long-Term Space Travel.”

don.knotts.astronautNASA currently pays commercial space travel firms like SpaceX to bring supplies to astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS). But for trips farther into the solar system, astronauts will need huge amounts of food to sustain themselves for months or even years.

Astronauts will, therefore, have to produce their own food, and it appears human waste might be the key to eliminating shortages and possibly making a home out of Mars.

ISS astronauts made a major leap toward self-sustainability last May by successfully growing lettuce in space. If human waste can be made to taste nearly as good as that red romaine lettuce, Mars could merely be the starting point for a series of journeys into the deepest depths of space.

Too cool for toilets: Jimmy Buffett fans leave buckets of poop at concert

Jimmy, ya gotta say something to your fans.

Last Saturday’s Jimmy Buffett concert in Mansfield, MA left a foul taste in everyone’s mouth. That’s because the legions of drunken retirees who make up Buffett’s fan base apparently like to make their own homemade toilets for these events, which they then leave, brimming with excrement, for some poor bastard to clean up.

jimmy.buffett.toiletAccording to police lieutenant Sam Thompson, the Parrotheads are just too rock n’ roll to use the designated bathrooms.

Local police chief Ronald Sellon called the leavings “unsanitary and just disrespectful. [T]he most common model is a 5-gallon bucket with its rim lined with a foam pool noodle for a seat, stashed inside a tent.” 50K+ direct subscribers

This is a picture of two furry cats and a cute kid. The Internet loves these.

Apparently the Internet is also good for food safety stuff.

I was introduced to Doug by Lindsay Core, a friend who had previously worked for him. Lindsay knew I was desperately looking for a job, and didn’t tell me much else; she just said “I think you two will get along.”sorenne-cats-aug-15

I didn’t really know what that meant, and had no other prospects.

I emailed him, we had an electronic conversation about molecular biology, and he hired me to pull news, alongside a crew of other students.

Pulling news way back then meant that we surfed through the tubes of the interweb for anything food risk-y (microbial food safety, BSE, GMO foods, animal disease) and the stories become the content for daily listservs that was sent out to over 10,000 folks interested in the public discussion. Powell had been doing this 1993.

With the advent of Google and other web apps listserv newsletters became passe and engagement was where we wanted to go.

When self-publishing was all the rage we decided to start a forum to share foodborne illness stories. Every time we talked to someone on a plane, train or automobile and they found out what we did (food safety stuff) they would proceed to share their worst illness story. We wanted to capture those stories, except most people don’t want to be bothered writing, so we did it for them.

But it needed a name.

After one not particularly notable midday pick-up hockey session we had a few beers  with some government- and professor-type friends and brainstormed names.

A creative undergraduate student, Christian Battista, came up with barfblog, and it stuck.

We write it all as one word, in lower case, because capital letters in email are a waste of time.

images-1The idea and technology morphed barfblog away from a just a forum and we created a space to take current news items and highlight what we thought was important – based on the literature and our experiences.

It’s collaborative, a space for discussion and engagement, with a benevolent editorial dictator.

Last week, around the same time we hit 11,000 posts, we surpassed 50,000 subscribers. That’s a lot of folks interested in food safety stuff.

We may not be able to compete with cat pictures, but we know microbial food safety – the things that make people barf.


A pox of poo on you, soccer star

Chelsea’s star forward Eden Hazard is no joke. Having created more chances to score last season than any other player in the Premier League, it’s no wonder people have compared him to La Liga greats Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

D0W30WOr that he was voted the league’s Player of the Year last season. Quite frankly, Hazard is intimidating to his opponents — even Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, who jokingly said on Friday that he hopes Hazard comes down with messy intestinal issues so that he wouldn’t be able to play on Sunday.

“You’d almost hope that Eden Hazard would have diarrhea,” the defender told Belgium’s Het Nieuwsblad this week (via the Guardian).

South Carolina man smuggled stolen steak in his colostomy bag

A 55-year-old American man has been arrested after he allegedly stole packages of steak from a supermarket and concealed the meat in his colostomy bag.

colostomy.bagDavid Early Hoyt (not this dude) was tracked down by police officers from Spartanburg County in South Carolina after they were contacted by supermarket employees who claimed they had spotted a man stealing five packages of rib-eye steak, worth $75, by stuffing them in a bag.

The eagle-eyed employees managed to take note of the man’s licence plate number as he drove away in a green Nissan sedan.