15 sickened: UK restaurant manager fined £20K after Salmonella outbreak

The manager of a Stratford restaurant has been made to pay more than £20,000 after a serious outbreak of Salmonella saw six people hospitalised and one suffer kidney failure.

laughing-buddhaHenry Cheung, who manages the Laughing Buddha on Greenhill Street, was also banned from being involved in the running of any food outlet after pleading guilty to eight food hygiene offences at Leamington Magistrates’ Court on Friday (July 31).

The prosecution against Mr Cheung was brought by Stratford District Council’s Environmental Health department, who told the court how 15 people were known to have contracted food poisoning after eating at the Chinese restaurant between July and August last year.

It is understood eggs from a supplier in Germany, which were not Red Lion branded and had previously caused a salmonella outbreak, were used at the restaurant.

Two of the most severe cases saw one man hospitalised with kidney failure while another – the partner of a pregnant woman – suffered an extreme bout of food poisoning although both went on to make a full recovery.

Despite undergoing a period of voluntary closure last year, it is understood eggs from the same supplier were used again at a later date.

$19,000 fine: Is this Australia’s filthiest restaurant?

A popular dumpling restaurant in Melbourne’s east has been exposed as a filthy cesspit, and its owner fined $19,000 after live and dead cockroaches, drain flies, rodent feces and filthy buildups of food waste, grease, oil and grime were found in the kitchen.

Raramen eatery in Glen WaverleyA Monash Council inspector made the discovery at the Raramen eatery in Glen Waverley, along with used drink bottles used to store sauces, meat sitting on a bench “for a couple of hours” and rice stored on the floor, plus wires and boxes that had been nibbled by rodents.

Astonishingly, the restaurant — which is still open for business — continued to be riddled with to insects and rodent poo on up to eight further council visits between March and July this year.

On July 10, Dumpling Hut Pty Ltd, the company which owns Raramen, and company director Siu Hin Yip pleaded guilty to 17 charges under the Food Act 1984 and the Food Standards Code. The charges related to inadequate pest control, unsuitable food handling, poor food storage and inadequate skills, among other issues.

QR codes for restaurant inspection disclosure in Sudbury

My sister, who lives in Sudbury (that’s in Canada), may be pleased to know the Sudbury and District Health Unit has asked restaurants to put new decals in their window. The decals include a code people can scan with their cell phone to access health inspection results.

UnknownThe Food Safety manager with the health unit said making restaurant cleanliness information easily accessible is important.

“[It gives] the consumer the information at hand to make the best decision possible [about] whether they choose to eat at that place or not,” Cynthia Peacock-Rocca said.

The decal program is voluntary for restaurants. She noted creating a mandatory program would have required legislative changes in all the municipalities the health unit serves.      

The results of inspection reports have been available on the health unit website since 2009.

Make disclosure mandatory: Brisbane issues 445 infringements to businesses for breaching food safety standards and collects more than 500K in fines

Toronto, Los Angeles and New York have all figured out how to make restaurant inspection disclosure mandatory.

restaurant_food_crap_garbage_10It’s voluntary in Australia.

The council has revealed its worst offenders are among Brisbane’s most popular eateries including Fortitude Valley’s Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant, Subway in Chermside Westfield and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant in South Bank.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the council had raked in more than $500,000 in fines from businesses breaching standards and had successfully prosecuted 27 cases.

Cr Quirk said in the past financial year it had cancelled food licences on 18 occasions and issued 48 immediate suspensions to businesses in breach of food safety standards as well as 620 improvement notices.

“Council also issued 445 fines to businesses during the year and finalised prosecution of 27 successful cases of Food Act 2006 breaches with fines totalling $579,700, for incidents,” he said.

Cr Quirk said its Eat Safe program, which was implemented in 2010, aimed to boost health and safety standards in licensed food businesses including both mobile food vendors to restaurants.

Popular Florida pizza chain temporarily shut down for live roaches crawling in the kitchen

I have nostalgic memories of Clearwater, because my grand parents owned a place there, but after being in Australia for four years, the other beaches seem sorta small.

hungrey.howiesAnd last time I was in Clearwater, Florida, it seemed sorta dumpy.

Hungry Howies at 1884 Drew St. in Clearwater had to temporarily close up shop and stop serving food for several hours after what the state found behind the kitchen doors.

On July 23 inspectors saw over 35 live roaches crawling all around the kitchen.

The state observed roaches crawling between the wall and grease trap located beneath the three-compartment sink, near the reach-in cooler and hand wash sink.

Other violations documented include build-up of food debris, dust or dirt on the floor fan, ceiling tiles and vents, a hole in the back door and another hole in the wall behind the mixer, pizza to-go boxes stored on the floor and food not properly marked with dates.

In addition, there was no proof employees had the required state approved food safety training.

Indian restaurant in Wales ‘disgusting’

The owner of the Royal Massala restaurant has been ordered to do unpaid work after admitting offences.

royalA rodent infestation, mouldy food and a dirty kitchen that put customers at risk have landed one Indian restaurant owner in court.

Inspectors uncovered a catalogue of health hazards at the Royal Massala in Pencoed, near Bridgend, and slapped it with a zero rating.

But owner Sheik Mohammed Anwar failed to clean up his act – receiving a rating of one in a follow-up inspection – and he has now been sentenced in court, according to a statement from Bridgend County Borough Council.

The council has also threatened to ban Anwar from managing any food business in the future.

4,000 UAE firms fined for food safety violations

Over 4,000 food outlets in Sharjah were fined for violating health and hygiene regulations since the beginning of the year.

SharjahInspectors from the Sharjah Municipality visited 29,499 establishments including food outlets, food manufacturing companies, cafeterias and restaurants, and found that 4,213 eateries were violating health and hygiene regulations.

Some of the errant outlets were slapped with hefty fines of up to Dh10,000, while some others were shut down temporarily until they rectified the violation, said Shaikha Rasha Al Qasimi, Head of the health department and food control laboratory at the Sharjah Municipality. Some eateries were let off after being warned.

Careful with that menu it may have E. coli, but is maybe a risk?

The objectives of this study were to detect bacteria on restaurant menus, to determine the bacterial transfer from menus to consumers’ hands and to determine the survival of bacteria on menu surfaces.

everyday-objects-that-are-dirtier-than-your-toilet-7Local restaurant menus were sampled at different periods of operation. The average total plate count (TPC) was 28 (0–210) cfu/15 cm2 menu sampling area during “busy” periods and 15 (0–85) cfu/15 cm2 menu sampling area during “less busy” periods. The staphylococcal count averaged 6 (0–83) cfu/15 cm2 during busy periods and 2 (0–25) cfu/15 cm2 menu sampling area during less busy periods. Escherichia coli was transferred to menus at 11.17% of the hand population with a high variability between subjects (10.45% standard deviation). Survival of bacteria in menus was 1.40% after 24 h and 1.34% after 48 h, respectively.

Bacterial populations found on randomly sampled menus were low; however, bacteria survived and were transferred from menus to a consumer’s hands.

 Recovery, survival and transfer of bacteria on restaurant menus

Journal of Food Safety. 2015. doi: 10.1111/jfs.12212

Ibtehal Alsallaiy, Paul Dawson, Inyee Han and Rose Martinez-Dawson


Fancy food ain’t safe food, Pakistan edition

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) raided two five-star hotels in Lahore the other day, as part of its campaign against adulterated food, poor cleanliness and hygiene parameters.

Taipan___Pearl_ContinentalA team headed by PFA Director Ayesha Mumtaz reached the hotels on The Mall and imposed Rs75,000 fine on each of them.

The team first reached the Pearl Continental Hotel and inspected its restaurants’ kitchens. During inspection, the officials found faulty drainage system, storage of leftover meal and a lack of employees/workers’ hand-washing arrangements there.

It also visited the bakery section and found food items of various brands labeled as hotel’s own products, without date of manufacturing and expiry.

The team also inspected the Avari Hotel on The Mall and found inappropriate cleanliness arrangement. It also found disorder in storing/freezing of various food items in the chillers and use of drums at the hotel’s bakery section.

At the kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant a la Carte, the team observed poor cleanliness arrangement and storing of leftover meal.


Jamie Oliver the food safety gift that keeps on giving

Jamie Oliver is facing the worst Kitchen Nightmare in his life.

PAY-jamie-oliver-maggots-mainA 48-year-old man, who refused to be named was eating with a friend at Jamie’s Italian branch in Norwich on Wednesday. But when they were halfway through finishing their sumptuous meal, the gross thing started to happen, insects were starting to fall out from the ceiling.

The diner explains, at 3 AM “We got a table by the window and the food was nice but when we were halfway through the meal, maggots started falling on my head.”

While he presume that it’s just insects falling from the roof, he just brushed it off from his head. 

But as the so called insects starting to fall on the table, he realized the shocking truth.

“But then others fell onto the table. It was gross and we were shocked.”

In a statement released by the spokesperson for the restaurant.

“Earlier this week a single, isolated pest control incident occurred at our Norwich restaurant.

“The incident in question was dealt with immediately and is being fully investigated. At no point was the customer’s food affected and there appears to be no evidence of a wider problem.”

“All of our restaurants operate to a very high level of food safety and Jamie’s Italian Norwich retains a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating (the highest) from the local Environmental Health Office.”