22 sick from staph in Vietnam horse-blood pudding

Twenty-two people in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai were poisoned after eating horse-blood pudding due to presence of Staphylococci and E. coli.

Test results of horse blood pudding showed that Staphylococci and E.coli were present in the dish which is reported to be popular with Hmong and other ethnic farming people in the mountains.

Tricorder for food safety?

While the original Star Trek television series was heavy on cheese, I enjoyed the more complex morality tales of Star Trek: The Next Generation (as complex as early 1990s TV could get).

And who doesn’t love them some Patrick Stewart.

patrick.stewartIn the fictional Star Trek universe, a tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data.

A UK based company has unveiled PERES, a handheld device and mobile app which provides information about the freshness and quality of meat, poultry, and fish and protects against food poisoning.

According to the promoters, this portable e-nose and its iOS/Android mobile app enables users to determine the quality, freshness of meat, poultry, and fish and whether it has gone bad and could potentially cause food poisoning.

Users point the PERES at meat and click a button. It works by analysing a sample of the gases for volatile organic compounds and ammonia. Within a few seconds, users receive information on their smartphone or tablet about the food’s freshness, whether it’s been left unrefrigerated and whether there may be a risk of food poisoning.

335 students sick in Guatemala

Students who spent the day in the Guatemalan capital said that a lunch of beans and rice had a bad taste, and that the chicken was undercooked, but ate because they were hungry.

vomitThe 335 sick students were evaluated by lifeguards, of which 185 were transferred to the National Hospital of Chimaltenango and the rest received care on campus.

Aberdeen’s typhoid outbreak remembered 50 years on

Sheena Blackhall was a 16-year-old schoolgirl when Aberdeen was brought to its knees by the largest typhoid outbreak in recent British history 50 years ago.

More than 500 people of all ages had to be quarantined in hospital.

The infection was eventually traced back to a single tin of Argentinean corned beef sold in a supermarket.

typhoid.canned.beefIt happened in the summer of 1964, and led to speculation across the country of many deaths.

In reality, and somewhat remarkably, the outbreak was contained without a single related death.

Most patients spent many weeks in hospital until they were allowed home.

Ms Blackhall told BBC Scotland: “The GP that we had had been in a Japanese prisoner of war camp so he knew right away that I had typhoid and phoned for an ambulance, by which time I had a very high temperature and I was delirious.

“I remember nothing about this but apparently when they took me down the stairs I said ‘dinna cremate me! I want to be buried!’ – which upset everybody.

An inquiry into the outbreak later found that a large can of Argentinean corned beef had been sold sliced from the cold meat counter of the William Low supermarket.

The can had been cooled in Argentina using untreated water from a river.

The typhoid organism was assumed to have entered the meat through a small hole in the seam of the can.

It was then passed on to anyone who bought the corned beef, or other products which had come into contact with the shop’s meat slicer.

The media attention helped raise the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Hygiene lessons from the Aberdeen typhoid outbreak are still relevant today.

Prof Hugh Pennigton, the renowned bacteriologist, said it was an “enormous” outbreak.

Health fair attendees stricken with food poisoning

The Rio Grande County Public Health Department in Colorado is investigating an outbreak of food poisoning possibly linked to food that was served at the 9Health Fair in Monte Vista on Saturday, April 5. 9Health Fair says the food at the fair was supplied by the Kiwanis Club.

vomit.toiletPublic Health Department Director Emily Brown says they have sent samples to the state lab and expect results by the beginning of next week. Brown estimates about 30 cases were reported by volunteers and participants. Brown says that it doesn’t appear the illness is spreading.

Health department says Bonicki’s outbreak could have resulted from improper food storage

The Michigan Department of Community Health reports that an outbreak of foodborne illness at Bonicki’s Sports Bistro, could have resulted from improper food storage.

In a news release Friday morning, April 11, the health department officials said the investigation at Bonicki’s at 1891 East Apple Ave. turned up the presence of Clostridium perfringens, a common bacteria that can cause foodborne illness.

395394_237923292949867_1801694089_nThe bacteria is found throughout nature but “typically causes illness when foods are served after improper storage or held at inadequate storage temperatures,” according to the health department.

Bonicki’s General Manager Karen Mead responded to the news with a prepared statement.

“We, the Bonicki’s family, apologize for the recent event,” she said. “We would like to thank the community, our loyal customers and the Muskegon County health department.”

On Friday, Ken Kraus, health officer at Public Health-Muskegon County, called the incident a teachable moment for others in the food service industry.

“We are relieved to know the cause and are working with the restaurant to improve their food storage practices,” he said in a news release. “While it may take a bit more effort, following proper food cooling and storage procedures is an important part in preventing foodborne illness.”

Why did UK pool stay open 11 days after diarrhea alert?

The Aqua Vale Swimming Pool remained open for 11 days even though environmental health chiefs raised concerns about a dangerous contamination.

Its two pools were later shut down, on April 3, after tests revealed that cryptosporidium was present in the water.

diaper.poolParents are demanding answers from Everyone Active, the firm that runs the facility.

One father, whose six-year-old daughter had to visit the hospital after swimming there, said: “My daughter has been really ill for more than a week now after going swimming and we’ve been back and forward to the doctors and even up to the hospital she has been so bad.

“None of her friends and family who don’t swim there are sick and to hear they knew about it is infuriating.

“I’m considering taking her out of her lessons there now.”

20 cops suffered from diarrhea during Sehat Ka Insaaf drive in Pakistan

At least 20 constables suffered from diarrhea and were admitted to hospitals when they eat food during the “Sehat Ka Insaf programme”, hospital sources told The Nation on Monday.

sehat-ka-insaf3They said that district administration has made food arrangements for police constables who were performing duty during the Sehat Ka Insaf programme. Local administration purchased packed food, including piece of chicken and juices from a local backer. After eating the food, majority of constables suffered from diarrhea, they added. 

26 poisoned by sushi in Sonora, Mexico

The number of people with symptoms of food poisoning from eating sushi increased to 26, reported the Ministry of Health of the state.

All affected persons have noted that the ingested products in the branch “Rodriguez” chain restaurants That Roll Sushi.

sonoran hotdog kimbap vegetarian platter copyLast year the company was the cause of more than 200 people with intoxicated will result. The business covered the costs of almost all concerned.

This time the penalty could be the closure of that branch due to recidivism, the Health Ministry said. 

(Something may be lost in translation.)

Vibrio outbreak prompts changes in oyster handling

I’ve only once had raw oysters, on a trip to New Zealand while in graduate school where some Kiwi food safety folks urged me to try the delicacy.

They were slimy.

I determined that the taste benefit wasn’t worth the risks for me.

According to the Vineland Gazette, a 2013 outbreak of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, linked to Katama Bay (MA) oysters prompted the Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, Division of Marine Fisheries and the Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health, Food Protection Program to develop a plan to limit Vibrio risks.SUN0705N-Oyster7

A Vp control plan takes effect next month that will require faster cooling and delivery of oysters, changes in handling methods for harvesters, specific requirements for icing and new rules for record keeping among commercial oyster growers.

Backed by the state Division of Marine Fisheries, the rules will be in effect from May 19 through Oct. 19. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended last year that Massachusetts develop a plan to control Vp during the warm weather months to prevent illness.