Ring Pop found with metal

I don’t know what a Ring Pop is but the candy (right) probably shouldn’t contain metal.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is investigating after a Calgary boy found pieces of metal in two Ring Pops bought at an Ogden corner store.

Dean Anderson and his son Sloan, 11, stopped at the Bella Food Store on Ogden Rd. on Sunday to buy a Ring Pop candy.

“He took a lick on it and immediately flinched and said ‘ouch.’ We examined it and picked out a little piece of metal. It scratched his tongue.”

So he let his son go back to the store to get a second Ring Pop and when he opened it, found another piece of metal.

“It was jagged in shape, not like a pin.”

A spokeswoman for the CFIA confirmed Wednesday night the agency is looking into the matter.

One thought on “Ring Pop found with metal

  1. That is really scary to think someone was eating that and there was metal in it. Reminds me of the aspirin scare from the 80’s but just on a smaller scale. And the fact the kid had 2 of them with metal is even worse.

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